Study A​broad Programs

All Study Abroad programs require registration in the designated course. Upon a complete application and review, a student will be contacted to confirm interest and will be registered in the corresponding course. 

The Study Abroad Program Fee covers some, but not all expenses, which can include in-country transportation, lodging, meals, etc. You are responsible for tuition, the study abroad program fee, airfare, passport fees, vaccination fees, etc. Faculty Leads for some programs have provided breakdowns, see below. If you are looking for further cost breakdown or course related information, please contact the Faculty Lead. For all other questions, please contact [email protected].​
You can find information and apply for all upcoming Study Abroad Programs on the Global Portal​.​

TermDestinationCourse CodeCourse NameFaculty LeadModalityTravel DatesProgram Fee​​
​SU I 24
Course Cancelled:​Germany
Special Topics: Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Post-War Germany
Dr. Pamela Niesluchowski

Dr. Bianka


Online – open to all
​7/6/24 - 7/16/24
​SU I 24

Special Topics: Combatting Disability Stigma and Promoting Inclusivity

Dr. Rocco Catrone

Dr. Shannon Ormandy

Online – open to all​7/7/24 - 7/17/24
SU I 24​

Power of One - Morocco: An exploration of identity and intersectionality
Dr. Benjamin Toubia
Online – open to all
​6/26/24 - 7/5/24

SU I 24
​The Netherlands
Cultural, Organizational and Work-Life Differences between The U.S. and Netherlands
Dr. Charmon Parker Williams
Dr. Lynessa Rico​
Online – open to all
7/15/24 - 7/24​/24​$3,326​
​SU I 24
​South Africa
​IS410AF/ IS610AF
Power of One: Psychology in Context: South Africa 
​Dr. Felice Mayes

Dr. Brandy Blount

Online – open to all
​6/2/24 - 6/9/24
SU II 24​

​Course Cancelled: 
South Africa

Ubuntu: South African Cultures and Contexts
​Dr. Kelly Torres

Daniel Esquivel

Online – open to all​​
8/14/24 - 8/23/24​$2,873.08​
​FA I 24

​Costa Rica
​Cross Affiliate Course 
Power of One: Examining the decolonial option, belonging, kinship, and resorting connection across global community​

Dr. BenjaminToubia

(The Chicago School)

Dr. Gina


Online – open to The Chicago School and Saybrook University 
12/10/24 - 12/21/24​
FA II 24
AB583SA​Special Topics – Prosociality and Cultural Health in Japan
​Dr. Yukie Kurumiya

Dr. Annette


Online – open to all
​12/11/24 - 12/20/24
FA II 24

Power of One - Exploring the UAE

Dr. Kelly Torres

Dr. Katherine


Online – open to all​12/7/24 - 12/15/24
SP I 25​

The Power of One: Poland and the March of the Living
​Dr. Joshua Wyner

Dr. BenjaminToubia

Online – open to all​4/21/25 - 4/28/25
SP II 25​

Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Treatment

Dr. Teresa Collins-Jones

Dr. Elizabeth Olson

Online – open to all
​4/18/25 - 4/26/25
To be determined​
SP II 25​

Power of One: Cambodia

Dr. Kelly Torres

Dr. Alisha DeWalt

Online – open to all
​4/15/25 - 4/23/25
​SP II 25

Power of One: France - Aging and Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurogenerative Disorders
Dr. Emma GraceOnline – open to all​4/15/25 - 4/24/25
​SP II 25

​Serbia and Bosnia
Power of One: Historical and Sociocultural Dynamics on Past, Present, and Future: Serbia and Bosnia
Dr. Latrice Maric
Online – open to all​4/21/25 - 4/30/25
SP II 25​
South Africa
Special Topics - Cultural Connections with South Africa
Dr. Yukie Kurumiya​

Dr. Tyler Re
Online – open to all
​4/21/25 - 4/30/25

NOTE:  These programs are NOT a Field Experience trip or part of the IP or MPH program​​.​​ 
Traveler safety is of the utmost importance. A risk assessment is conducted for all study abroad programs.