​​​​Maintaining Status​: How to maintain your non-immigrant F-1 status 
It is very important for international students to maintain their immigration status at all times. Global Engagement is here to advise you and help you better understand the immigration regulations governing your status, but it is your responsibility to maintain your status. Failure to maintain the terms and conditions of your nonimmigrant status is a ground for removal from the Unites States (deportation).  

Please review this Maintaining Status Summary to help you maintain your F-1 status.

Mandatory Review Session:​
In February each year, we organize a mandatory International Student Update and Review, now on Canvas.  This is the time to have an in-person meeting with your DSO to review all the immigration regulation​s, procedures and policies regarding your status.  Please watch for the announcement sent in January.
International students are required to complete this review by the end of Feburary each year. Failure to complete the review will result in a hold on your student record preventing registration for the following semester.  
Contact our office with any questions.​